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The final calculations are in, and our generous sponsors, families, friends and fans have pledged over $2,800 to two very worthy charities by sponsoring Two Horsemen of the Carpocalypse in the 2012 BigApple2BigEasy Rally!

We wish to thank our sponsors: Allpar.com, North Georgia Mopar Club, Pathfinder Advisors, Leverage Corporation, iVision, Paul Chambers Mopar Restorations and zAlt for their generous pledges. We also wish to thank all of our family members, friends and fans who also pledged generously.

Information about how individual pledgers can make their donations will arrive next week via e-mail. Sponsors who have not yet made their donations will be contacted individually by phone during that same time frame.

As always, please let us know once your donations have been made. As in previous years, we will be pleased to remind those who need it in a few weeks by appearing at their home or place of business in our Day 2 costumes. (grin)


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Not safe for work. Not Safe For Work. NOT SAFE FOR WORK! (Are we clear on this?)

Fifty screaming, exhausted and varyingly intoxicated participants, friends and fans… A near-photo finish (by BABE standards, anyway)… A surprise marriage proposal… Is it any surprise so many people come back to the Rally year after year? 🙂

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Before THOTC left New Orleans, the team stopped in to see an old friend.

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Alex of 2011 BABE Rally Team Three Amigos stopped by the party on Night 0 to check in with old friends, make some new ones, and cope emotionally with the fact that his schedule wouldn’t allow him to run the 2012 BABE Rally with us. As always, the aspiring filmmaker had a camera with him and couldn’t resist having a little fun with it. Thanks, Alex!

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First place – Foolswagen (pictured below)
Second place – Two Horsemen of the Carpocalypse (pictured below)
Third place – Project Mayhem (pictured below)
Uberbanger – One Car Accident
Misery Award – Little Lamb-orghini
Hospitality Award – Muffaletta Run

The biggest winners, however, were the two members of One Car Accident who got engaged during the awards ceremony!

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Our good friends Foolswagen took first place, and we couldn’t be happier – they also were competing for a worthy cause, Kidd’s Kids.

More details to follow.

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Our beloved Val, our car from the 2011 BABE Rally!

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