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Down to the wire…

Crash reaaalllllllyyyy wants to get Sandy to the last Georgia Cool Cruisers charity show of the tear nezt weekend, but Sandy has to have light and signals before she can go. It has been a hectic and only somewhat productive wiring day… a custom 6-circuit harness designed, all the primary wires run, and a headlight test (unfused and unswitched at the moment) complete. Tomorrow… installing the rest of the bulb bases, the headlight relay, switch, and dimmer… installing the replacemebt brake switch, wiring in the aftermarket turn signal and hazard switch and the flasher relay… and installing a 12VDC outlet.

Two interesting challenges… both the horn qnd the windshield wiper motor are chassis-grounded through their mounts… not nsure how to make them work in a 12v negative ground system…

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Little steps…

Today’s progress on Sandy so far…

We discovered a potentially troubling oil leak when we rolled the car off the transport. Fortunately it turned out to be the fuel pump gasket rather than one of the nastier things it might have been. Unfortunately, one does not run down to the local parts store to buy a fuel pump gasket for a 1952 Plymouth Cranbrook. Instead, Crash channeled his inner kindergartener and did some tracing, cutting, and pasting in the gasket paper medium. A little gasket dressing, a skinned knuckle, and some swearing later and – voila! – no morr oil leak.

The other little step was to connect the exciter wire for the alternator to the ignition post on the ignition switch. And then to repair the two wires Crash tore of ouf their connectors in the process. Fortunately, that was all the excitement to be had (except for the alternator, which is happily charging the battery from idle).

A wiring update is pending as the team may have backed the wrong horse from a harness perspective…

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Sandy unloaded

Small steps… The Cranbrook is unloaded and ready for the next effort… rewiring.

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The window regulators on sandy’s left 2 doors were so badly corroded from storm water that the windows not go up or down. It took a little while to get the first door panel off, because the way the handles attached to it or not the way that more contemporary cars do. It’s actually a much more elegant and simpler solution… Once you know to look for it. (Many thanks to Allpar’s Mopar Frame On Body forum for advice on where to look.)

With the window regulators in all their rusted glory exposed, a couple of baths in penetrating oil and some minor persuasion with a wrench had the moving again freely.

Next up, the monumental effort of clearing all of the spare parts, spare tires, and spare whatnot out of the car to provide easier access… to run the replacement wiring harness. Hopefully buried in there somewhere will be the wiring diagram for said replacement wiring harness. Your kind thoughts and warm vibes will be welcome as the rewiring goes on.

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Stay tuned…

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On these rallies. 3 Pedal Mafia, i do not think this is Le Mons priced.

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