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It is great fun, but it also is an opportunity to raise money for very worthy charities. Clark from our friends at Team Foolswagen reminded us why Toys For Tots and Hot Rodders Children’s Charity (which supports Toys For Tots and many other charities focused on providing for needy children) are so deserving of support.

For those of you who already have pledged your support for those two great charities, thank you. If you have not yet had the chance to do so, please click the Pledge tab at the top of our website and pledge your support too.

Thanks for reading, and see you on the road!

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Nobody actually knows which pieces of automotive detritus will show up at the starting line on Day 1 before it actually happens.  There are two reasons for this… First, not every team announces what they will be bringing in advance. Second, not every team that does announce what car they are bringing in advance will actually make it to the starting line.  There is a frighteningly high rate of attrition when trying to get 20+ year old, sub-$500 cars to move out of the driveway much less several hundred or thousand miles to the starting line of the Rally. However, some teams have announced their intentions and most of them have a history of making to the starting line (or catching up with the Rally a few days later) and so we have a sense for at least some of the craptacular vehicles that should be coming along for the adventure.

And craptacular they are!  In addition to our own 1969 Dodge Dart Custom barn rescue, a few of the more… interesting… vehicles expected  at the starting line include:

– a 1971 Ford C-750 Cab Over gas semi tractor

– a 1971 VW Beetle

– a 1974 VW Thing

– a 1978 Mercury Colony Park wagon

– a 1981 Lancia Beta coupe

– a 1985 VW Quantum Diesel (modified to run on waste vegetable oil (WVO))

Peruse the slideshow below to see some of the rust, duct tape and bailing wire holding together the remains of once-spectacular cars competing in the 2013 BigApple2BigEasy Rally!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Not safe for work. Not Safe For Work. NOT SAFE FOR WORK! (Are we clear on this?)

Fifty screaming, exhausted and varyingly intoxicated participants, friends and fans… A near-photo finish (by BABE standards, anyway)… A surprise marriage proposal… Is it any surprise so many people come back to the Rally year after year? 🙂

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Our good friends Foolswagen took first place, and we couldn’t be happier – they also were competing for a worthy cause, Kidd’s Kids.

More details to follow.

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A long but interesting and fulfilling day for the team.

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A good day for Dodge of the Dead, and Crash and Burn as well.

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… is the inevitable result of sharing a tunnel with a 1971 Karmann Ghia convertible running a 1968 dual port 1500 engine featuring a hand-bashed custom exhaust system. The impairment fortunately is temporary, though the memory of its cause will last a lifetime.

You may want to turn down your speakers before playing this video.

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Day -1 is done

In for the night in Skippers, VA. Tomorrow we make our way to the starting line in Staten Island with friends Foolswagen and Bangers & Mash – about a seven hour drive assuming no complications. Hopefully in at the hotel and enjoying the Night 0 festivities by around 6PM.

Dodge and the Yellow Submarine are doing quite well for two cars that spent between 15 and 20 years quietly rusting away before we found and rescued them. The teams, though tired, also are holding up well.

Special thanks to Bangers & Mash for “chasing” the two clunkers at comparatively low speed and being a parts runner, roadside pit crew, and all around nice folks.

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Next stop… er… north! I-20 to I-95 and then pedal to the metal. Well, pedal to the rust.

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The team did a few more maintenance tasks on Dodge this morning and then took a leisurely 3 hour drive at highway speeds to Augusta, GA, home of friends Foolswagen. The Dart performed admirably on the trip, with no significant issues along the way.

Crash and Burn then spent about 12 hours working with Foolswagen to complete the process of restoring their 1971 Karmann Ghia to the road. There still are some kinks to be worked out, but the Ghia made a brief trip under its own power.

Tomorrow morning the teams will get the kinks worked out and start heading towards the start line in Staten Island.

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