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However, that has now been taken care of.  This is Dodge’s “good side” — the combination of an inexpert application and the large dent in the door over which the decal had to be applied left it serviceable but slightly less pretty.

(Many thanks to Misfit Toys member Jim Thwaite for the excellent vinyl.)



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On the heels of a highly successful appearance at the Dunwoody Driving Club’s Friday Night Lights Show a few weeks ago, Dodge the Retro Dart Rally Car has been invited to put in two more public appearances before the start of the 2013 BABE Rally. We’re not quite sure why — Dodge may be a sight to behold, but he isn’t much to look at… but we can hardly say no to a chance to meet some more adoring fans!


If you are within walking, driving, or towing distance of Kennesaw, Georgia or Braselton, Georgia please feel free to stop by to say hi and have your picture taken with Dodge at the Braselton Bash at Year One in Braselton on April 20th or Joe’s Crab Shack Open Car Show in Kennesaw on April 28th!

Whether or not you can come by to say hello in person, please also take a moment to visit the Pledge tab at the top of our homepage to pledge your support for the two great charities the team is supporting in the 2013 BABE Rally — Hot Rodders Children’s Charity and Toys For Tots!


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For anyone who cares to reminisce or catch up on THOTC BABE Rally history, every one of THOTC’s posts from the 2010, 2011, and 2012 BABE Rallies is available on our website at www.thotc.com.

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Now that Dodge is all decked out, we needed to get in a little social time with potential fans. The Dunwoody Driving Club spring Friday Nite Lights event seemed like a good opportunity.  Some of the other participants were a little leery of Dodge at first and Dodge was a little shy, but soon enough everyone was getting along famously.


Please view the slideshow below to see photos of Dodge’s new friends. and friends.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Leverage Corporation, a leading Atlanta provider of information technology strategy and sourcing services, has signed on once again to sponsor THOTC in the 2013 BigApple2BigEasy Rally. The company will be making a generous donation to the two worthy charities THOTC is supporting this year — Hot Rodders Children’s Charity and Toys For Tots. To learn more about Leverage Corporation, please visit their website at www.leveragecorporation.com.

To pledge your support for these two great charities, please click the Pledge tab at the top of THOTC’s webpage at www.thotc.com.




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As mentioned previously, BABE8 has a new wrinkle… a spec theme.  Where in previous years teams had leeway to decorate their cars however they saw fit, this year the organizers in their infinite… wisdom… decided to have all the teams decorate their cars within a single theme. With major points to be had – or lost – THOTC set aside its previous plans to one-up even last year’s zombie car and began puzzling how to transform Dodge into a “facsimilie of a recognizable famous rally car.”


Continue reading to see how we did!


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Team Two Horsemen of the Carpocalypse are pleased to announce two new charities for whom it will be raising money this year by competing in the 2013 BigApple2BigEasy (BABE) Rally.  Both these charities have long been supported by THOTC’s sponsors and friends at North Georgia Mopar Club because of the important work they do in support of underpriveledged and at-risk children, and THOTC is honored to be able to suport them in kind.  Please consider pledging your support for these two great charities. As a reminder, THOTC does not handle money donated for the charities we support — all donations are made directly to the charities by those who pledge them.

The Pledge tab at the top of the page will be available for you to pledge your support in the next few days once it is updated to reflect information for these two great charities.


Improving the lives of children is the primary mission of the Hot Rodders Children’s Charity (HRCC). A registered 501c(3) organization, HRCC harnesses the enthusiasm and innate sense of responsibility found in the automotive enthusiast community and successfully raises funds and awareness of the various children’s causes at events throughout the year. While many charitable organizations focus on a specific need or
group, the HRCC aligns with a variety of local and national organizations representing a multitude of causes. This allows the HRCC
to effect positive change in the lives of many different children with many different needs. More information about Hot Rodders Children’s Charity is available at www.hotrodderschildrenscharity.org.


The mission of the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots  Program is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December  each year, and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to less fortunate children in  the community in which the campaign is conducted. Over  its life span, the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation has supplemented  local toy collections with more than 102 million toys
valued at more  than $750 million; plus provided promotion and support materials valued  at over $10.5 million. More information about Toys For Tots may be found at www.toysfortots.org.



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THOTC is honored to once again to have Allpar.Com, the largest online Mopar community in the world, covering the team’s preparations for and participation in the 2013 BABE Rally. Through Dave Zatz’s (the editor) kind efforts, literally thousands of Mopar fans have been able to ride along vicariously with the team in the 2010, 2011 and 2012 BABE Rallies.

Allpar.Com’s coverage even netted an additional classis Mopar team for the 2012 BABE Rally — the awesome Team LooVinLoonies and their equally awesome 1971 Dodge Dart. With the announcement that this year’s BABE Rally is the last and THOTC’s willingness to help fans who want to experience the rally live rather than vicariously, we and Allpar.Com are hoping this will be the year of utter BABE Rally Mopar Domination!


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The final calculations are in, and our generous sponsors, families, friends and fans have pledged over $2,800 to two very worthy charities by sponsoring Two Horsemen of the Carpocalypse in the 2012 BigApple2BigEasy Rally!

We wish to thank our sponsors: Allpar.com, North Georgia Mopar Club, Pathfinder Advisors, Leverage Corporation, iVision, Paul Chambers Mopar Restorations and zAlt for their generous pledges. We also wish to thank all of our family members, friends and fans who also pledged generously.

Information about how individual pledgers can make their donations will arrive next week via e-mail. Sponsors who have not yet made their donations will be contacted individually by phone during that same time frame.

As always, please let us know once your donations have been made. As in previous years, we will be pleased to remind those who need it in a few weeks by appearing at their home or place of business in our Day 2 costumes. (grin)

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Alex of 2011 BABE Rally Team Three Amigos stopped by the party on Night 0 to check in with old friends, make some new ones, and cope emotionally with the fact that his schedule wouldn’t allow him to run the 2012 BABE Rally with us. As always, the aspiring filmmaker had a camera with him and couldn’t resist having a little fun with it. Thanks, Alex!

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