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Beautiful drive, challenging challenge, and if it isn’t one thing with Dodge its two things…

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Have a peek at some of the… er… fantastic vehicles competing in the 2013 BABE Rally!

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Dodge is in better shape than we thought last night, and certainly in better company.


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It is going to be an interesting day…

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The 2013 BigApple2BigEasy (BABE) Rally is almost upon us! The countdown officially begins at midnight tonight…

3… Burn arrives in Atlanta (Friday, Day -2)

Burn will arrive on Friday afternoon, signaling the official start of THOTC’s Thrash – a (hopefully short) period of frenetic activity to get the car and the team prepared for its 3,000 mile journey to the starting line, to the finish line, and then home. Past Thrashes have had the team working into (or through) the night. The “known Thrash” list is unusually short this year, but it is important to keep in mind that the team’s third member – Murphy – often arrives only once the Thrash begins.

2… THOTC heads north (Saturday, Day -1)

At some point on Saturday the team and the car will be ready to leave – or as ready as they are going to be – and will begin the long drive to the starting line in Harrisonburg, VA. Many a BABE Rally team has seen their time on the Rally begin and end before the starting line is reached. Keep in mind, 20+ year old cars bought for less than $500 are lucky to make it out of the driveway! Due to schedules and the new starting location this year, THOTC will be making the journey solo without their friends and fellow Georgia Ralliers Foolswagen riding shotgun.

1… The partying, and the repairs, begin (Night 0, Sunday)

Night 0 great joy, great sadness, and often great frustration. Great joy as old friends reunite and admire the decrepitude of each others’ cars. Great sadness at the realization old friends won’t be on the Rally this year (or had cars that met their demise before reaching the starting line). Great frustration as teams scramble to finish up their Thrash lists or fix everything that broke on the drive to the starting line. With all those conflicting emotions in play, BABE Ralliers do on Night 0 what makes the Rally… well… the Rally — start working on each other’s broken down heaps and create a maniacally festive atmosphere in which to do so!

Go… Drivers, start your engines! (Day 1, Monday)

9:00AM (or whenever the organizers drag their rear ends out of bed), the teams gather for the driver briefing, say a silent prayer, pull out the starter fluid, jumper cables, and sledgehammers, and get their heaps running. There is a moment of anticipation… a collective deep breath (of carbon monoxide)… and the horn sounds to announce the official start of the BABE Rally!

Please ride along with THOTC on the 2013 BABE Rally. Updates will be posted frequently to the website (www.thotc.com), to Twitter (@thotc), and to the team’s Facebook page.

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$875 / $1000


Thanks to some very generous corporate and individual pledges, we are getting very close to our goal of raising a thousand dollars for two great charities. But we have only five days to go before the start of the 2013 BigApple2BigEasy (BABE) Rally and still need help to close the gap!  A $0.01 per mile pledge equates to a $15.00 donation and it wouldn’t take many of them to get us to our goal! If you have not already done so, please visit our Pledge page or use the Contact form to pledge your support for our two great charities.

Please remember that donations to these charities are tax deductible and both charities make a little money go a very long way to serving the needs of needy children.

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Nobody actually knows which pieces of automotive detritus will show up at the starting line on Day 1 before it actually happens.  There are two reasons for this… First, not every team announces what they will be bringing in advance. Second, not every team that does announce what car they are bringing in advance will actually make it to the starting line.  There is a frighteningly high rate of attrition when trying to get 20+ year old, sub-$500 cars to move out of the driveway much less several hundred or thousand miles to the starting line of the Rally. However, some teams have announced their intentions and most of them have a history of making to the starting line (or catching up with the Rally a few days later) and so we have a sense for at least some of the craptacular vehicles that should be coming along for the adventure.

And craptacular they are!  In addition to our own 1969 Dodge Dart Custom barn rescue, a few of the more… interesting… vehicles expected  at the starting line include:

– a 1971 Ford C-750 Cab Over gas semi tractor

– a 1971 VW Beetle

– a 1974 VW Thing

– a 1978 Mercury Colony Park wagon

– a 1981 Lancia Beta coupe

– a 1985 VW Quantum Diesel (modified to run on waste vegetable oil (WVO))

Peruse the slideshow below to see some of the rust, duct tape and bailing wire holding together the remains of once-spectacular cars competing in the 2013 BigApple2BigEasy Rally!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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However, that has now been taken care of.  This is Dodge’s “good side” — the combination of an inexpert application and the large dent in the door over which the decal had to be applied left it serviceable but slightly less pretty.

(Many thanks to Misfit Toys member Jim Thwaite for the excellent vinyl.)



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On the heels of a highly successful appearance at the Dunwoody Driving Club’s Friday Night Lights Show a few weeks ago, Dodge the Retro Dart Rally Car has been invited to put in two more public appearances before the start of the 2013 BABE Rally. We’re not quite sure why — Dodge may be a sight to behold, but he isn’t much to look at… but we can hardly say no to a chance to meet some more adoring fans!


If you are within walking, driving, or towing distance of Kennesaw, Georgia or Braselton, Georgia please feel free to stop by to say hi and have your picture taken with Dodge at the Braselton Bash at Year One in Braselton on April 20th or Joe’s Crab Shack Open Car Show in Kennesaw on April 28th!

Whether or not you can come by to say hello in person, please also take a moment to visit the Pledge tab at the top of our homepage to pledge your support for the two great charities the team is supporting in the 2013 BABE Rally — Hot Rodders Children’s Charity and Toys For Tots!


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For anyone who cares to reminisce or catch up on THOTC BABE Rally history, every one of THOTC’s posts from the 2010, 2011, and 2012 BABE Rallies is available on our website at www.thotc.com.

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