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The team learned this morning that our post yesterday *incorrectly* reported the demise of Street Safari and potentially even the BABE Rally. We have been informed that Street Safari’s organizers are taking a hiatus and that we may have very happy news from them in the future. THOTC apologizes for having passed along incorrect information.  The team has certainly been wrong about many things, but we never have been so happy to have been wrong!


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Well, the heat riser valve (a little flap of metal at the top of the exhaust system that channels hot exhaust gasses back into the engine when it is cold to warm it up more quickly) was stuck about 3/4 of the way closed and its spring missing. This definitely was the source of the excess crankcase pressure that was causing oil blow-by and likely fouling up the carburetor mix. Unfortunately, this was not the definitive cause of the loss of power above 45mph.

On a recent test drive up to highway speeds, immediately after the engine lost power, our hero mechanic shifted the car into neutral, killed the engine and coasted over to the side of the road. He popped the hood and noticed the fuel filter was completely empty. We had replaced the mechanical fuel pump (twice) and so assumed that we were getting sufficient fuel pressure to the filter, however, that now appears to not be the case. Some additional research indicates that the mechanism that actuates the manual fuel pump can wear sufficiently to reduce fuel delivery and starve the engine at higher RPM. Our current working theory is that that is the case here.

We are installing an electric fuel pump that should deliver all the fuel the engine could need, even running flat out. Hopefully this will address the problem but, if it doesn’t, then we at least have eliminated one more variable.

On the plus side, with the new distributor installed, the rotor is no longer being beaten upon by a dozen elves with tiny sledgehammers. 🙂

More to come…

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