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Crash took Dodge to the Hotrods at Hayes muscle car show in Baldwin, Georgia this weekend (put on by THOTC sponsor North Georgia Mopar Club) so Dodge could meet some fans and get some quality time on the open road. Dodge got lots of love and Crash was treated to an array of over 200 top-quality show cars.  Despite the huge Mopar turnout at the show, there were only three Slant 6 engines in the bunch and every one of them was an oddball.

First, of course, was Dodge.  Dodge was an oddball both for his dilapidated appearance as compared to the shiny, glossy examples of automotive near-perfection that surrounded him as well as his soon-to-be role of BABE Rally car. Ugly duckling though he was, Dodge was a favorite of those attending the show and garnered many smiles, guffaws and outright belly-laughs.

The Slant 6 Trio’s second member was none other than 24 Hours of Lemons (think European LeMons endurance race with $500 cars) Team E30/6’s bizzare BMW/Mopar hybrid — a BMW 325 with its original drivetrain removed and a Slant 6 with push-button transmission crammed into its place.  The car’s mere presence at a hot rod show drew a lot of very confused stares until people noticed the familar-yet-out-of-place Leaning Tower of Power nearly overflowing the Bimmer’s teeny engine bay. At that point, it became an immediate crowd favorite.  Team E30/6 is slated to re-take the track in their B-Mopar-W  in an upcoming 24 Hours of Lemons event later this year.

Rounding out the Slant 6 Trio’s act was this 1976 airplane tug, a U.S. Air Force veteran sporting a Leaning Tower of Power and a 727 3-speed transmission. This patriotic Mopar was acquired by its owners in a government auction for the bargain basement price of $500.  If only it were street legal and could exceed 8 miles an hour, it could have been a BABE Rally contender!

Photos of some of the more traditional but no less awesome contenders in the Hotrods at Hayes show should be available shortly.


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