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Val is still a little nervous about being out in public after so many years in backyards and musty garages. So, before her national debut in June at the 2011 BABE Rally , she wanted to make a local appearance and try out the limelight closer to home. With the North Georgia Mopar Club’s Mopar Challenge just around the corner (both geographically- and temporally-speaking), this seemed like the perfect opportunity for Val to re-take the stage.

Come out to Landmark Dodge in Morrow, GA on May 14th between 10 AM and 3 PM for good, clean Mopar family fun, to meet 2/3 of the Two Horsemen of the Carpocalypse team, and pledge your support for American Diabetes Association and March of Dimes!

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Click the image above to pledge your own donation on Allpar Forums

Allpar.com led the way with a significant corporate donation to the two great charities Team Two Horsemen of the Carpocalypse are supporting in this year’s 2011 BABE Rally — American Diabetes Association and March of Dimes. Now, the caring members of the Allpar Forums are jumping on board by making their own individual pledges. Two guys driving 2,700 miles in a $300, 35 year-old Plymouth Valiant to raise money for two great charities couldn’t ask for 28,558 better friends. Thanks to Dave Zatz of Allpar.com and all of our fellow Mopar junkies on the forums for their generosity.

Please consider visiting the Allpar Forums (free registration required) or visiting our Pledge page  and joining the fight against diabetes and premature births.

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Allpar.com today published a new story on their website, “Mopars of the BABE Road Rally” that profiles the Rally and highlights some of the Mopar cars run in the Rally in 2009 and 2010.  It also features a profile of Team Two Horsemen of the Carpocalypse and our efforts to raise money for American Diabetes Association and March of Dimes.  The story will be featured on Allpar.com’s front page on Monday and, hopefully, some of Allpar’s more than 300,000 monthly visitors will decide they want to sign up and run the Rally themselves in 2011.

Thanks to Dave Zatz and Allpar.com for supporting THOTC and the BABE Rally!

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Two Horsemen of the Carpocalypse is delighted to announce its new corporate sponsor,  Allpar.com.  Allpar.com is the web’s largest community for Mopar enthusiasts, boasts over 1,700 pages of content read by over 300,000 unique visitors every month and is an invaluable resource for owners of Mopar cars from the earliest days of the American automotive industry to today.

Allpar.com’s fearless leader Dave Zatz spotted a post about THOTC’s 2011 BABE Rally entrant Val (a 1973 Plymouth Valiant) on one of the Allpar Forums and did a little web sleuthing to find out more about the car, our team and the Rally. Once he picked himself up off the floor laughing, he emailed Crash with the offer of a very generous pledge to the two charities the team will be supporting in this year’s rally: American Diabetes Association and March of Dimes.

Crash and Burn would like to thank  Dave and the entire Allpar.com crew for their generosity, and for promoting our team and the BABE Rally on their website.  Look for the Allpar.com stickers Val will be bearing proudly on her rear doors during the 2011 BABE Rally!

Click the graphic below for a brief slideshow highlighting the Mopar contenders from the 2009 and 2010 BABE Rallies.

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