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THOTC is honored to once again to have Allpar.Com, the largest online Mopar community in the world, covering the team’s preparations for and participation in the 2013 BABE Rally. Through Dave Zatz’s (the editor) kind efforts, literally thousands of Mopar fans have been able to ride along vicariously with the team in the 2010, 2011 and 2012 BABE Rallies.

Allpar.Com’s coverage even netted an additional classis Mopar team for the 2012 BABE Rally — the awesome Team LooVinLoonies and their equally awesome 1971 Dodge Dart. With the announcement that this year’s BABE Rally is the last and THOTC’s willingness to help fans who want to experience the rally live rather than vicariously, we and Allpar.Com are hoping this will be the year of utter BABE Rally Mopar Domination!


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Thanks to generous individual pledges and the support of our corporate sponsors (Allpar.com, Allpar Forums, North Georgia Mopar Club, Polybushings.com, Paul Chambers MOPAR Restoration and Leverage Corporation) the team raised over $3,000 for American Diabetes Association and March of Dimes. Read on for the details and the team’s official 2011 BABE Rally photo.  (more…)

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Long day of driving with increasingly worse mechanical problems. An electrical short took out the engine in the middle of the Nantala Gorge, blew out the brake lights and left Crash swearing loudly when a crossed circuit sent a jolt up his arm (he’s fine, but the residents of northeastern Tennessee now know a few new curse words in several languages).

Thanks to teams Foolswagen (who rode mother hen over THOTC all day) and Misfit Toys (who obtained an unobtainable head gasket), repairs are underway and the team is looking forward to a brighter tomorrow.  Thanks also to David Zatz at Allpar.com who put the word out to his members that we were looking for advice, and for all those members who so quickly, thoroughly and helpfully responded to that call.



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As mentioned in a previous update, Allpar.com challenged its Forum members to pledge an additional $225 for Team THOTC’s charities (one dollar per cubic inch of displacement of Val’s Slant Six engine), in addition to Allpar’s original and generous “corporate” donation. Allpar announced today on their website that the challenge has been met and the $225 already donated to the American Diabetes Association! Thanks go to Ray Alexander, Jim Choate, Peterensen, Mark Swingle, and Wesley Acre for their donations and to Dave Zatz for his tireless efforts to convince them to make them.

Further pledges for donations can be made via the Pledge tab at the top of THOTC’s webpage.directly to THOTC. Look for updates soon to the THOTC Pledge-O-Meter (part of this amount already has been reflected) to reflect this leap forward towards our fundraising goal.

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Click the image above to pledge your own donation on Allpar Forums

Allpar.com led the way with a significant corporate donation to the two great charities Team Two Horsemen of the Carpocalypse are supporting in this year’s 2011 BABE Rally — American Diabetes Association and March of Dimes. Now, the caring members of the Allpar Forums are jumping on board by making their own individual pledges. Two guys driving 2,700 miles in a $300, 35 year-old Plymouth Valiant to raise money for two great charities couldn’t ask for 28,558 better friends. Thanks to Dave Zatz of Allpar.com and all of our fellow Mopar junkies on the forums for their generosity.

Please consider visiting the Allpar Forums (free registration required) or visiting our Pledge page  and joining the fight against diabetes and premature births.

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