We brake-d it

… and THOTC prepare for the journey home.

The 2013 Explore The Shore Rally is in the history books! Congratulations to the two first place teams – newbie Team 21 Car Ramrod in the Open class and vetetans and old friends Team Three Pedal Mafia in the Banger class. Congratulations also to Jim and Kelley at Asphault Adventures for putting on such a stellar inaugural event.

Finally, thanks and congratulations to Burn, Jr. for his participation in his first Banger rally!

Stay tuned for detailed standings and some hints about THOTC’s next adventure.


Some well-deserved R&R for a weary cast of competitors and a couple of dedicated organizers!

A final group photo!

There actually is one last challenge – the second group challenge – to do at 530pm but it is walking distance from the hotel.

Stay tuned for Awards Ceremony details!

There are 20 – yes *20* – independent challenges, plus two group activity challenges, packed into this one-day rally. Clearly nobody can do them all… but it looks like some teams are trying!

Ranging from a real-life Monopoly game on the streets of Atlantic City to a lighthouse chase to the traditional pink car hunt, there are plenty of points and plenty of laughs to go around.

Peruse the slideshow in our next post for a complete list of our (benevolent) tormentors’ plans for us today. 🙂

Tolls, tolls, everywhere…